Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pyjamas Party !

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

tun puteri pyjamas night, xD
to appreciate all the hard work from the MTs and puterians!
zillion and million thanks to resident staff and syaza as our event manager !
good job!
sukaneka :  teng teng. baling selipo. baling dadu. skipping (!)
thank you for participate, puterians!
next time, next event, turun jugak tau! haha

lets' party! chocolate fountain fruits and of course chicken chop, main course for the night!
amazing performances from each level and not to forget level 21 did harlem shake! as well as aca-awesome rap from level 12! congrats level 11 won  first place! comel lote tau outfit korang,dengan socks!  :D
the best part was when everyone enjoyed last night! and i am happy as long as my puterians happy :)

FULLSTOP with much love : mimiSAJA

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