Monday, January 23, 2012

hey hey smile lah

Assalamualikum wbt

"You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile"
 Im overly excited today. why? why? because last night i received a very huge news about my bestfriend. heh! im totally in shock when she told me about the news. i sream out loud pulak though i knew it's already late and my lil sister yayah has already been in a deep sleep. but how can i control myself in such situation? hew hew hew

im totally happy for her. heee. still i can't wait, dont you think it is a dream come true kan? hehe. did you remember how we planned all the things back then. so cool. heehee. I wander how will it goes! hehe. super dupa excited lah sayang :)

i wish you all the best dear.

k lah mimi FULLSTOP
note : cant handle with my C++ assignment and too lazy to do it. can i copycat someone later? hehe
FULLSTOP with much love : mimiSAJA

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