Saturday, February 26, 2011

english yo!

salam uolz.. cute smile, broad smile or whatever smile  please :)
i don't care! wuhaha. its up to you lah kan? HEHE


today nasyita and i went to erican language centre to take our first conversation class! uhemjii! the teacher, miss yaso is so friendly and funny! i can't let my eyes on the other things lah kan. and can't wait to attend the class for next saturday! HOHO. for our first class, we discuss about "asking for direction" and quick review about basic grammar matter.

infront- nasyita
at the back - miss YASO

me lah for sure!
i wore baju kurung kot! HAHA. ayu gitu. erk! okay fine. im really tired right now and till then,
mood: nak tengok wayang malam ni. yehaa~
FULLSTOP with much love : mimiSAJA


EZAN IDMA said...

Mimi!! mimi umor bape eh?

mimi said...

18 tahun ni. keke.

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